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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Winterize Your Rental 

How to winterize your rental in Baton Rouge 

Extreme winters are often tough for people who are living in a rental home. The reason is that you often cannot make the changes that you need to keep the interior warm because those updates might be against the rules shared by the landlord. That is why landlords have to manage everything very carefully to assure that the interior will be kept warm and the tenants will not break any rules. The team at Real  Property Management Premium are experts at preparing your home for the winter months. Here are some simple ways that can help you prepare your rental home for winter.

Check the heating system

There must be an HVAC or simple heating system in the home. The first thing you have to do is get the heating system checked. You can have it repaired and cleaned to assure that you can use it in the winter season. Make sure that you keep the heating system on, so the temperature inside the house will be comfortable and warm. If you will not get the HVAC system repaired, it will not work properly and that will make it hard for you to maintain the temperature in the house.

Insulation is very important

Once your heating system is working fine, the next important thing is insulation. If you have not insulated the house properly, there is no use of the heating system because the cold will still enter your house. That is why you should get the home insulation kit and assure that you cover all the windows with the plastic sheet properly to keep the heat outside. Additionally, you should cover the doors and attic entry points that you are not using. They are only the source of cold air and that is why keeping them closed in winter is a better option.

Look for cracks

A common mistake most people make is they do not look for cracks in the house. If you have even a minor crack it will get hard for you to maintain the temperature in the cold winters. Commonly, doors and windows of the house have some minor cracks from where cold air can easily enter the house. You should look for all these cracks and assure that you repair them properly. If the option of insulation is available, you can easily cover the cracks. Otherwise, it is important that you block them properly because that is the only way you can keep the warmth inside and be comfortable in the winters.

Get ready for snow removal

Once you have properly maintained the temperature inside the house, the next thing what you are going to do is complete outside maintenance. It is better that you do not let snow and ice get accumulated on the outside of your house because it will not only damage the property, but also make it hard to maintain the temperature. That is why you should remove the snow on regular basis.


If you need any help the experts at Real Property Management Premium are available at your service. They will provide you with all types of management services and guideline that you need to manage your property according to the changing weather.


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