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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Common Rental Property Repairs Every Landlord Must Know–RPM Premium

Being a landlord means being the jack of all trades where each and every trade comes with a specific set of responsibilities which a landlord must adhere to. The prime responsibility of a landlord should be to keep their rental livable, safe and clean for the tenant. Landlord is also responsible for Property Management in terms of maintaining financials, taxes, utilities and property maintenance. There are certain set of rules set out by the FHA, FCRA, federal laws, state laws, and local ordinances which a landlord must follow. These rules can vary with the states one is in and therefore should know of their respective Landlord-Tenant Law. And while landlords are responsible for all of these, there’s one more important aspect landlords must be aware, i.e., common rental repairs. 

Most landlords lost about 5-8% of their rents to non CapEx related repairs and maintenance in the long run. Most of these repairs are actually easy for to be done by themselves then hiring someone to do it for a good chunk of money. There are some nice Property Management Pro Courses in Zachary and Louisiana which can teach landlord to smartly take care of their Rental maintenances etc by spending less and achieving more. And this can be done more aptly by knowing about some common rental property repairs. 

Below you can read about these Common Rental Property Repairs

  1. Re-caulking around toilet, tubs and sink: 

Caulk is a rubbery seal which is used as temporary solution to apply around toilets, tubs and sinks. It gets stiff over time and therefore must be replaced from time to time. 

  1. Removing bathroom and bathtub stains: 

Nobody loves to take a bath or showers in grody, stained and disgusting bathroom or bathtubs. Painting tubs can be a poor solution and re-furnishing them can be costly. So, what you can do is use some cleaning chemical, pour it all around the bathroom and the bathtub, then after leaving it for sometime just wash it off.

  1. Fixing a leaky pipe: 

Most often it just a loose or broken compression nut sealing which you can easily fix it yourself then calling a plumber.

  1. Patching Drywall Holes: 

You know there are cheap drywall kits available in the market and you can even charge tenants for fixing those small holes. So, why waste an opportunity?

  1. Painting work:

Again you can hire a painter or simply pick up the paint brush and do it yourself. That will again save you a lot of money.

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